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Welcoming our new Prop Stylist

Welcoming our new Prop Stylist
Prop Stylist

Sydney Cornish, Prop Stylist

I invited our new Prop Stylist for an informal chat to understand a bit more about the personality and taste of this creative professional that is now working with us. In this interview, Sydney Cornish talks about her musical and food tastes and tells us about a few of her backpacking stories and plans for the future.

What’s your favourite type of cuisine?

My favourite type of cuisine is spicy Indian street food. Basically, curries, any spicy food with lots of flavours is my go to dish. I love naan bread; butter garlic naan is probably my favourite, but anything with a cold coke hits the spot.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Well, it really depends on my mood. I like most genres but I tend to go for indie rock with an upbeat rhythm remix (call me dj squid) or anything Jack Johnson, Beyoncé and Shania Twain. I also love a bit of soft tech, and song with a solid beat gets me going.

What was the most incredible exotic place you’ve ever travelled to?

The south of Sri Lanka, in a beach side town called Unawatuna. I was trying to extend my Indian visa so I had to leave the country for a few days and Sri Lanka was the easiest option. After a few days in the capital city I decided to keep travelling and ended up staying over a month slowly working my way down south and then east, finishing with the most memorable train ride I’ve ever had from the east coast to the west travelling through hundreds of tea plantations, eating samosas and drinking chai from the locals who would sell their products when the train had stopped. Sri Lanka to me is the destination where anything is possible and showed me the importance of being spontaneous, going with the flow and appreciating the little details in life – like the fireflies that dance when the sun’s gone down.

Where would you choose to live: by the ocean, in the mountains or in the woods?

Definitely by the ocean, if I could watch the sunrise and sunset every day I would be very happy. Let’s just say I need my daily vitamin D. I don’t like the word settle, I want to keep changing, doing different things, but if there is one place that I decide to spend a lot of time would be by the water, on the beach in a little hut or sailing around the world.

What is your favourite season?

I really like all the seasons, I love Canada, my home country, seeing all the seasons well defined. For instance, Autumn when all the leaves are falling and Spring when the ice is melting and then winter freezing the lakes over. It’s quite nice. Let’s be real though, my favourite season is summer.


Here’s one of my favourite installations – I wasn’t a part of the team yet, but the event was set up in the park at the end of my street so I was able to see it in person!

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