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Our new Retail Manager

Our new Retail Manager

Peta O’Hara – Retail Manager

Welcoming our new Retail Manager for an informal chat to understand a bit more about the personality and taste of this creative professional now working with us. In our interview, Peta talks about her musical and food taste, trip stories and plans for the future.

What’s your favourite type of cuisine?

I have been a vegetarian for 25yrs so I am definitely a fan of fresh healthy seasonal foods.

I love Asian street food, my favourite being Pho. As well as Mexican and Japanese.

My death row food though is Hot chips!

What kind of music do you listen to?

Jazz is always my first selection but I do listen to most genres of music and I have a great collection of Vinyl.

What was the most incredible exotic place you’ve ever travelled to?

Morocco. Without a doubt.

It was 17 yrs ago. The most exhilarating and frightening trip I have ever done. We definitely experienced the intoxicating energy of the country. We spent most of our trip in the Rif mountains in Chefchaouen getting to live the culture first hand. I love travelling but nothing has come close to my Moroccan adventure.

Where would you choose to live: by the ocean, in the mountains or in the woods?

I am an ocean girl and the Sunshine coast has been home base for the past 25yrs.

But I am a gypsy at heart and I love the experience of all three.

What is your favourite season?

Winter for the fashion opportunities.

Spring for the beautiful evenings.

Summer for the Fruits and Autumn for the display of nature.


Stay tuned for Peta’s work behind the scenes on our new Christmas Decorations Brisbane online shop & website to launch live in October!






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