Frequently asked questions

If you can't find the information you need below, just give us a call on 3555 8660.

What does The Prop House do?
The Prop House specialises in event theming and styling. We also hire props for any events – large or small. Our sister company, VM+ looks after all visual merchandising, window dressing and Christmas.
Are you open to the public?
Yes, we are open to the public all year round and welcome you to come anytime – Monday to Friday.
Where are you located?
We are conveniently located on the corner of Leopard Street and Vulture Street, Woolloongabba. See our showroom page for a location map.
Where can I park to visit your showroom?
There is car parking for a few cars at the front of the showroom on Leopard Street.  
What are your opening hours?
We are open from 9.00AM until 4.30PM, Monday to Friday.  
Are you open on the weekend?
Generally throughout the year we are not open on the weekend although we can open by appointment. During our busy Christmas season – November and December we are open on Saturday and Sunday but hours are varied – so best to call before.  
What is your standard prop hire period?
Our standard prop hire period is for 3 days (it suits a weekend hire perfectly). But we will always provide a quote for longer when requested. The longer the hire period, the cheaper the rate per day.  
Do you offer long-term prop hire?
Yes, you can hire our items for as long as you like. We will provide a quote for you when you enquire about the prop and also ensure that it is available for the length of time you require.
What does the prop hire maintenance and handling fee cover?
This fee covers the general wear & tear on the hire items to ensure that our props are always hired to you in the very best condition possible. It also covers any packaging and handling needed to get your items ready for your hire.  
If I get a prop hire quote, does that mean you are holding the items for me?
If you have signed the hire agreement then yes, we will hold those items for you. If you are simply in the quoting stage and have not signed our agreement then the goods are not held for you.  
Can I pick up my own props?
The answer depends on the size and weight of the total load.  We will advise these details and if you don’t have access to a vehicle large enough, we can arrange delivery.  Please bear in mind that some of our props are so large that we must deliver and install.  Just call us if you’re not sure.
Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard. Unfortunately we cannot accept payment by Diners Card or Amex.
Can I pay after the event?
No, sorry.  We require payment in full prior to you taking the goods, or prior to your event. These terms are all stated clearly on our hire agreement forms and within our event proposals.  
Do you stock Christmas decorations all year round?
Yes we normally have a great range of Christmas decorations all year round, however, we do not have it beautifully showcased for you to see in our showroom.  Outside the Christmas period, our Christmas stock is stored at an offsite facility. We are happy to assist anyone who would like to purchase Christmas product throughout the year; it might just take a little longer to get the goods ready for dispatch.  
Are you able to custom build something for me?

Yes, we love to custom design and build items for clients – nothing is ever too big, too crazy or too small!


Do you style weddings?

Yes we do style weddings although it is not our core business. We have styled some of Brisbane’s most glamourous weddings over the 20 years that we have been in business.

Are you willing to sponsor my event?
Yes, we look at all proposals for sponsorship and agree to many of them.  Read more about our community activities and how to contact us in regard to your event or charity.  
I don't have a huge budget. Can you still help me?

Yes of course we can!  We have our prop hire division for those who have minimal budget but still want to see colour and theming.  Visit our online prop hire and get inspired.

Do you hire costumes?

No, The Prop House does not hire costumes, sorry.  But once you decide on your party or event theme, come back to us to complete the look with styling and props.

Can I buy things when I come into the showroom?

Yes, we have lots of trinkets that can add interest to you next event; from table décor items to decoration pieces.

Are you a wholesaler?
No, The Prop House is an importer and retailer.