COLOUR - The Book

The 20-year history of The Prop House in glorious colour

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of The Prop House, Jano Dawes has documented the history of her colourful business and published it in the book of “COLOUR”.

This  limited-edition, 90-page hard-cover book is full of fabulous imagery and inspiring words.

Place your order here to reserve a copy of this fascinating look back at 20 years of Brisbane’s most colourful and imaginative events.

Price: $59 + postage and handling.  Or drop in to our Woolloongabba showroom to pick up a copy in person.

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Our journey has witnessed all colours of the spectrum – from the pinks and yellows and whites of pure joy and celebration, to the red of passion and commitment, through the greys of difficult times, to the greens and blues of holding firm and planning for the future.

In 2015, our colours shine brighter than ever and we celebrate.