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5 Themes for your Next Event

Have an event coming up and not sure how to style it? Try these unique themes at your next event; they will keep your guests entertained until the wee hours of the morning. Promise!


Mood: dark, mysterious, dangerous, secretive, alluring

Venue: tucked away, 1920’s style

Décor/Styling: Step back in time and forget about the world above. Let jazz music fill your ears as you dance through a room filled with wine barrels, bentwood stools and a grand pianola. Feature a cotton club sign, coach lamps, hat stands and scattered luggage stacks. Let a book shelf flat be your back drop for photo opportunities. Remember to keep the lights dim and the wine flowing and above all kept it a secret!


Gilligan’s Island

Mood: exotic, natural, tropic, hot

Venue: beach

Ever wanted to feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of Gilligan’s Island? Enjoy the island life without being stranded. Think wave cutouts, timber jetty, ship’s wheel, vintage radio, palm trees and a life ring. To ensure guests don’t wander out into the dangerous wilderness outline the venue with bamboo torches. We suggest to host the event during the day to make the most of natural light, however if it’s to be night, ensure up-lighting is used to give the vibe of island life. Scatter and wind ivy here and there and before you know it you will be on an isolated island!

Gilligan's Island

Ice Queen

Mood: cool, modern, sleek, reflective, enchanted

Venue: conference spaces, contemporary hotels and bars

When I say Ice Queen, I do not mean Elsa from Frozen. This is a modern and sleek theme for adults. Think big abstract sculptures, reflective centerpieces and white draping. Add a white dance floor and adorn it with a crystal chandelier. Cool lighting will tie this theme together and ensure an icy night ahead.


Ice Queen (2)

Around the world

Mood: energetic, adventurous, exotic, bold, lavish

Venue: blank canvas

Décor/Styling: Everyone wants to travel the world. Allow them to do so by taking your guests to fabulous destinations.

London – red, white and blue should be your core colours. Transport guests into this corner of the world with a red carpet, telephone booth, street lamps, vintage luggage and a double-decker bus!

Mexico – Add a little bit of salsa to the trip with a pit stop to Mexico. Sombreros, cacti, wagon wheels and crates will be the highlight of this area.

Paris – Represent the best of Paris with Moulin Rouge inspired props: can-can legs, extravagant candelabras, red heavy draping and crystal chandeliers.

Bondi – For the last leg of the trip take guests to Sydney’s most famous beach, Bondi. Add palm trees, vibrant beach huts, blue carpet and a life guard chair. Make sure to slap on some zinc and enjoy!


Around the World


Mood: timeless, ethereal, natural, textured, rustic

Venue: abandon warehouse, garden, a rustic shed, blank canvas

Décor/Styling: Think long trestle tables, un-matching chairs, rustic wood settings and mason jars scattered throughout the venue. Tables dressed in soft linens, antique cutlery and cottage styled blooms.Drape bunting for a day time event or install fairy lights for a night time event. You don’t need a forest to master this event, have fun with mismatching elements.




If any of these styles appeal to you give us a call and let one of our stylists assist theming your next event.

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